Tantic Couples Retreat

Heal past wounds in the present & create a conscious relationship.

Each partner brings their own baggage that gets dumped in the relational space. When that space gets uncomfortable, the couple reacts to the discomfort, causing the space to feel dangerous gasping for air.

What you haven’t worked through emotionally will come up in your relationship. your partner tends to scratch at your old wounds bringing it to surface unknowingly.  There seems to be no way around this except by going through the healing experience.

It takes two partners in agreement to pursue healing in a relationship. Having your partner who will fully participate in the healing process with you allows for you to be soulfully connected with you partner as you help each other heal.

This will be the most fulfilling experience and the best gift you can give each other.

Here is a glimpse of what we will explore during this retreat:

In an exclusive, small-group, you’ll be led through  experiencial role-plays, discussions, Video Clips & exercises to create shared meaning and connection. This Retreat is based on the Science of Tantra & Emotionally Focused Therapy.

  • Assessing your current state of the relationship and identifying the core dysfunctional dance of you & your partner;
  • Stopping the current injury in your relationship;
  • Learn how to create more intimacy, depth and passion using Tantric &  Taiost techniques;
  • Enhance/restore safety, connection, and trust in your relationship;
  • Deepening the relationship Restore and Enhance Sex, Nurture, Play and Intimacy!

Couples of all sexual orientations warmly welcomed.

Now is your opportunity to take this journey of healing together !

Deails of the Retreat 

Location: Online Via Zoom

Retreat 1: June 4th 2021 & June 12th 2021

Timing: 5pm-9:30pm (Day 1) & 9am-1pm (Day 2)


Retreat  2 : June 6th 2021 & June 13th 2021 

Timing: 10am-2:30pm EST /7:30pm IST -11:30pm IST (Day 1)


10am-2pm ESt /7:30pm IST -10:30pm IST (Day 2)


Cost:  $445/ CAD couple for 2 days Retreat


INR  Rs.20,000 /Couple for 2 days Retreat

Receipt may be submitted to your insurance for reimbursement.

  • You can each be in the same location or can login from different location 
  • You’ll each receive a zoom invite to your email prior to the scheduled start time. Please sign into zoom on one device (laptop works best!)

It is my intntion to deliver the best possible experience to every Retreat participant and create the ideal environment for personal growth

This Retreat is for couples who are ready for a personal transformation and are committed to making change happen alongside eachother at the Retreat.

It is an opportunity for self-reflection, learning and experimentation, past hurts can be the gateway to stronger relationships – but this does take effort, a willingness to explore and the courage to experiment with a different way of being.

If this sounds like you, please book you spot now. Limited to 8 Couples only.  

I hope to see you at the retreat very soon !

Arthi in blueshirt

Naturally you have many questions about attending a Couples Retreat, ranging from “I hate groups” Your concern is addressed below!

Our road map for our relationship comes from our upbringing. We easily fall into familiar patterns passed down from our parents.

Some of these patterns can be disruptive and painful.  You may have very little guidance on how to navigate long-lasting relationships in a healthy, intimate and connected way. Making healthy changes is a gift to both you, your partner and the generations that may follow you. 

We don’t seem to have a choice about old, unresolved issues surfacing in our relationship, as that is the way we are wired. Whatever you have experienced is stored in your neural networks and will show up when activated, especially a hurt or wound. The good news is that it can be reprocessed. And the most effective way to reprocess the old material is through experience, not reasoning.

A retreat offers you the opportunity to repair hurt, anger, lack of communication, breaches of trust or disconnection much more rapidly than weekly couples counseling sessions.It is however, intense, experiential and the equivalent of 12 months of weekly traditional couples counselling.  It is recommended by many couples therapists around the world. Arthi has worked with over 100’s of couples and has a stunning  success rate with couples in crisis.

Please be aware that couples attending are all at different stages from “happily-married-just-needing-a-tune-up”  to “separated-and-going-through-relationship-hell” and everything in between.

One of the most positive results of a couples retreat is the renewal of closeness, the regeneration of connection and the reopening of communication channels. I will guide you to learn and practice powerful ways of effectively communicating with each other, as well as indispensable techniques in how to resolve conflicts, disagreements or hurt feelings. Our goal is for your relationship to regain the connection, trust and closeness you once had, and to strengthen the bond between the two of you.

When there is chronic fighting in a relationship, it’s likely that old wounds are feeding the battle. The existence and influence of old wounds will often be out of our awareness. We won’t know they’re there, but their effects will be obvious.

There are a few ways to tell that an old wound is at play:

The conflict is constant, and always feels the same.

Your emotional reaction to something within the relationship is intense and out of proportion to whatever seemed to cause it.

Your reaction is difficult to shift.

Does this sound familiar?




You are not alone! Many people are. 

The conversations between you and your partner are private,  for just the two of you. You will not need to share or report on your conversations to anyone or to the group as a whole.

By the end of a retreat there is usually at least one brave soul that has confessed to discomfort in a group setting! Invariably others breathe a sigh of relief when this disclosure happens.

While sharing the intimate details of your relationship is discouraged, retreat participants frequently express relief to have been in the presence of other couples who are working on their relationship. This relief is based on simply being in an environment with other couples, not on the basis of the sharing that has happened.

This retreat offers you a safe space for couples to meet many other couples who are on this enriching soulful journey of healing. Sharing and learning from each others experience increases your sense of interconnectedness leaving you feeling grateful and vulnerable. The power of couple ships has show to increase physical and emotional wellbeing.

Deciding to attend the Retreat and you have questions or the timing does'nt work for you? Write to us here →

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