Inner Child Healing Retreat

The Child Lives on……. A weekend to Awaken, Inspire & Celebrate Your Inner Child

“Like wildflowers, you must allow yourself to grow in all the wild places people thought you never would.”

— E.V.

Our childhood is long behind us but somewhere inside us the child lives on….. deeply influencing our thoughts, words and actions.

It may be that the most important relationship we have is the relationship we develop with our inner child.

Healing our Inner Child includes healing our negative conditioning, the trauma held in our bodies, releasing the labels we’ve been living with, and reclaiming our voice and vibrant personality that should never have been squashed or silenced.

Our inner child’s emotional wounds came not only from what we got and what happened to us – but also from what we didn’t get or experience.

This retreat explores the three levels of expansion a woman can build up in her energy such as Joy, Ecstasy, Bliss.

Joy is a vibrant euphoric state of aliveness happening while surrendering to sensations of pleasure coming from sex, from any body part, from the senses. The surrender provokes orgasm spreading intense energy through the whole body which uplifts and rejuvenates it with life force and thus increases the level of happiness to bright joy.

Ecstasy happens when sexual pleasures blend with love. The orgasmic sensations in the sex center and body rise to the heart where they explode into orgasm flooding the body and the being with deep waves of love.

Bliss occurs when sexual pleasures are uplifted to the third eye and above. It provokes orgasm that opens up the realms of consciousness where an expanded state of peace, of silence, of unity is experienced.

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It's time we fall wildly in LOVE with life and yourself...

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What to Expect at the Retreat?


Camp besides the river on a working farm, rewind, relax and rejuvenate with a small group of women surrounded with the healing energy of the farm animals


Guided embodied practices to release blockages physical and emotional tensions as well as past trauma & cultivate healing energy through the body through Yoga, Breath Work , Meditations & Tantric Sexual Healing Techniques 


Sweat Lodge, Cacao Ceremony and Women’d Circles to open the Heart Center



Emotional, Physical & Spiritual Healing through Yogic Detox , Slient Meditation Retreat , Art work, Vision Quest, Singing , Storytelling , Estatic Dancing, Swimming in the River 


Invest in Yourself

Location: 1072 Tripp Settlement Rd 

When: August 14th & 15th 

Saturday Check in at 8am option to camp on Friday night with no extra cost. Check out Sunday 5pm

Cost: $395/participant 

Covered by most Insurance Providers 

Cost includes: All Retreat events , 4 meals preapred as a community, Camping space (Please bring your own tens, we can provide tents if needed) 

Frequently Asked Questions

A lot of women at first glance seem to cope well. They’re competent in some area of their life. They’ve learned to juggle their many roles: daughter, sister, mother, lover, friend, wife, business woman, confidante…the list is endless. What people don’t see is the fault line on the inside that puts pressure on everything else.

It may be an abusive past (or present), clogged emotion, divorce, illness, burnout, loneliness or spiritual emptiness. Today’s modern woman is constantly under pressure to “do it all” “be it all”, and “make everyone happy”. Every woman has her story, and it is this story that, left unexpressed and unhealed over time, sabotages any hope of serenity and happiness. In this weekend retreat, you’ll have the opportunity to share your unique story. You’ll learn to slow down, be still and get reacquainted with your authentic Self.  Your heart will be enveloped by compassion and encouragement as you continue your journey towards wholeness.

Women who have attended this program report feeling in control of their stress, less anxious, more content, and inspired to make healthy choices regarding their health.  Women learn mental resilience strategies, emotional intelligence, self confidence, and self awareness so they can bring their creativity, their enthusiasm and their passion to their jobs and to the workplace. After attending this program, many women who were previously on stress leave for depression and anxiety were able not only to return to work but also get off of all medication. 

You are not alone! Many people are..


Everything is an invitation to share or do at the retreat. If you’re uncomfortable to share you can pass. 

While sharing the intimate details of your relationship is discouraged, retreat participants frequently express relief to have been in the presence of other women who are working . This relief is based on simply being in an environment with other couples, not on the basis of the sharing that has happened.

This retreat offers you a safe space for couples to meet many other couples who are on this enriching soulful journey of healing. Sharing and learning from each others experience increases your sense of interconnectedness leaving you feeling grateful and vulnerable. The power of couple ships has show to increase physical and emotional wellbeing.

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