You want a relationship in which you feel alive, vibrant, and inspired

One that doesn’t get stalled in the everyday, but that allows you to feel excitement and confidence; a relationship that you and your partner can craft into a lifelong journey of intimacy and desire.

What is Tantra?

Tantra is an ancient holistic path that weaves together the spiritual with the physical, so you can bring higher experiences of being into your everyday life. If you would like to awaken your sexual power, open your heart, experience more love and open yourself up to the universe, then you are ready to discover this amazing sacred path connecting sex to spirit.

In this comprehensive online course, Psychotherapist ,Relationship and Tantra instructor Arthi will guide you to apply the life-changing philosophies of Tantra to the modern world, helping you to bring powerful spiritual energy into every aspect of your life, from family and relationships to work and health. At the very core of Tantra is love, and you’ll discover how to open your heart and love yourself and others on a physical, emotional and spiritual level to create meaningful and fulfilling relationships. Once you have mastered these tried-and-tested Tantra exercises and meditations, you’ll find that you can revolutionize any relationship, reach a higher state of consciousness and come to truly know and love yourself.

This Exclusive Online Course Includes

Over six and a half hours of video teaching.

Empowering practices to help you love yourself and your partner with more passion.

Amazing breathing, practical and physical exercises to awaken sexual energy.

Step-by-step instruction on the art of the Tantric orgasm.

What You'll Learn

Lesson 1

What is Tantra?

In this lesson, Arthi will introduce you to the culture of Tantra and help you create the foundations for a profound and effective journey along this spiritual path. Tantra is a powerful tool for healing and weaving together divisions. You’ll be guided to examine the conflicts and splits in your life and in your relationships, and then begin a healing process to unify divisions internally and externally and allow you to reconcile with your desires.

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Lesson 2

Heart Opening

Love is the essential core of Tantra; it is a catalyst to healing and spiritual development. Arthi explains that before you can undergo personal transformation, you must first open your heart. Tantra offers many principles and exercises for listening to and opening up your heart. In this lesson, you’ll explore the personal walls you have put up to protect your heart, and how you can heal them through self-love and through creating a safe heart space.

Lesson 3

Masculine & Feminine Energy

Through Tantra, you’ll learn to balance your masculine and feminine energy. Arthi will take you through powerful meditations and exercises to help you reach a place of openness and compassion, where you can recognize your judgements and shadows, and reintegrate the parts of you that have become split.

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Lesson 4

Kundalini Sexual Awakening

In this lesson, you’ll begin exploring the different methods and ways you can activate your sexual energy. Sexual energy is life-force energy, and it allows us to create and thrive in our totality. Arthi will advise how you can identify and begin to heal sexual trauma, and guide you through powerful exercises to welcome sexual energy into your body as a divine gift. You’ll also learn how to use sensual awakening, either with a partner or on your own, as a method to tap into this energy.

Lesson 5

Chakra Awakening - Full Body Energy

You have the amazing potential to connect the Earth beneath your feet to Heaven through allowing life-force energy to channel through your body. Arthi will introduce you to the seven energy centers or chakras in your body, and explain how to open each of these to allow the energy to flow through. You’ll also build on your work with the natural world, using the powerful energies and associations of the elements to awaken your senses and open your body to consciousness.


Lesson 6

The Art of Tantric Orgasm

Arthi begins this lesson by dispelling the myths and clarifying the realities of the Tantric approach to orgasm. Orgasm is seen as a spiritual tool or prayer that allows you to raise your energy and embrace a higher state of consciousness. You’ll explore how to experience a Tantric orgasm and the blocks that might be holding you back from reaching this sublime state of ecstasy and bliss, and learn how to use lovemaking to expand beyond reality and touch the heavens.

Lesson 7

The Tantric Relationship

In this lesson, Arthi explains how to introduce Tantra into your life and relationships. You’ll learn how, through living with a conscious commitment to love, you can attract energetic growth in your relationship or even attract a new relationship. This energy manifests in so many different ways, from supercharging creativity to helping you to release attachments. You’ll also discover how you can shift and forgive both past and present relationships through offering everything up to the universe through prayer.

How the Course Works?

Once you sign up for Tantra Flavors, you will receive an email with the welcome videos followed by the of week 1 of the course. I will send you emails to guide you through the course. Watch the videos alone or with your partner. Each week one new lesson will be released. Since Tantra is about techniques each lesson will give you techniques to practice at home for a week before you learn a new technique.

Meet your Teacher

I'm Arthi

My mission is to help you build relationships that make you feel alive and bold.

I’ve spent over a decades helping people work through their relational challenges. 

I’ve created the Tantra Flavors course to help you enrich your relationship and bring playfulness and pleasure into your life. The tools you’ll learn in this course enrich your relationship toolbox.

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Frequently Asked Questions

One registration can be used by you and your partner. you can set up a shared account and do the exercises together or privately.

I encourage you to take responsibility for your contributions to the relationship dynamic. If you alter your behavior and actions, you will inevitably change the relational dynamic. If the relational dynamic shifts, the relationship shifts. And if the relationship shifts, you in turn, change the other. Even if your partner is not interested in watching the videos and doing the exercises with you, I hope you take away new potential entry points for conversations and experiences.

Absolutely. The workshop is built for individuals and couples. I feel there is a lot to gain in understanding yourself and the partner you wish to become as well as taking the material and utilizing it in future relationships. We all live in relationships, even if you don’t happen to be in a long-term partnership today.

This is a pre-recorded session so participants can engage at their own pace, but do not have access to live broadcasts. 

However, You have the opportunity to participate in the group Flow Meditation Practice that take place twice a month (1st & 3rd Friday 7pmEST /5:30 am IST) 

I welcome you to share your thoughts and questions by email, and my team and I will do our best to give valuable feedback.

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